Information for Boosters and Alumni

Information for Boosters and Alumni


Dear Nebraska Alumni and Boosters,

As Nebraska is set for its first year of Big Ten competition, the excitement surrounding Husker Athletics is very high.  This is appreciated, but we also wanted to take this opportunity to educate alumni and boosters.

The NCAA limits the role that alumni and boosters may play in relation to the recruitment of prospects and the activities of current student-athletes.  The institution is responsible for your actions in relation to NCAA rules and we appreciate your continued efforts to assist us in upholding these rules.  The University of Nebraska has a long-standing commitment to NCAA rules and will continue this commitment as a member of the Big Ten Conference.

Please take a few moments to review the Nebraska Compliance Top 10.  It contains important information for boosters and alumni.  Our office stands ready to assist you so please contact us if you have any questions.  We can be reached at (402) 472-2042 or

Thank you for your support of Husker Athletics.  Go Big Red!

Nebraska Compliance Staff

Nebraska Compliance Top 10 for
Boosters and Alumni

  1. Ask Before You Act.  The Compliance Office is ready to answer your questions about NCAA rules.  We ask that you contact us before any action with a prospective student-athlete or current student-athlete.
  2. Leave the recruiting to the coaches.  You are not allowed to make any recruiting contact with prospective student-athletes.  This includes telephone, email, text, Facebook and other social media.
  3. Do not evaluate.  You are not allowed to contact a prospect’s coach, principal or guidance counselor to evaluate athletic or academic abilities.
  4. No gifts.  You are not allowed to give or arrange for gifts or benefits to be provided to a prospect, his/her parent or guardian or anyone associated with a prospect.
  5. Maintain current relationships.  You are allowed to maintain friendships with a family of a prospect as long as the relationship pre-dates the student becoming a prospect.  Any gifts or other benefits you provide the prospect or family must be consistent with what was provided prior to the student becoming a prospect.
  6. Attend games.  You may attend high school and junior college games and events just do not make contact with prospects or their parents or guardians at games to recruit them to Nebraska.  You may contact Nebraska coaches to inform them of talented prospects you have watched compete.
  7. No extra benefits.  You are not allowed to provide current student-athletes, their families or friends extra benefits. An extra benefit is any benefit that is offered because the student-athlete’s status as a Husker.  If the benefit is not offered to other students it is not permissible.
  8. Employ student-athletes.  You are allowed to employ current student-athletes, provided they are paid the rate commensurate for the work and they are paid for work they actually perform.
  9. No entertainment.   You are not allowed to provide entertainment for coaches from high school, prep school, non-scholastic (i.e. summer basketball) or junior college teams.  This includes game tickets or any other types of entertainment or benefits.
  10. Keep your autographs.  A student-athlete’s likeness, photo or autograph may not be used for commercial purposes or to sell.  Do not sell anything that a student-athlete has signed and do not use a student-athlete’s name or likeness to promote a commercial product or service.


Who is a Booster?

You are considered to be a University of Nebraska athletic representative if you:
  • Are a present or past member of a University of Nebraska booster club or agency that promotes the Huskers' intercollegiate athletic program;
  • Have made financial contributions to the athletic department or to an athletic booster organization of the University of Nebraska;
  • Are, or have been, providing benefits (e.g., summer jobs, meals etc.) to enrolled student-athletes, their family members or friends;
  • Are, or have been involved in any manner of promoting the University of Nebraska intercollegiate athletic program.

Please Note:  Once an individual is identified as an athletic representative, that person retains that identity indefinitely. The University of Nebraska is ultimately responsible for the acts of all - representatives of athletic interests - in relation to NCAA rules and regulations.

Extra Benefits

General Information


Occasional Meals

  • Boosters are allowed to provide occasional meals to current student-athletes (no more than eight per school year.) If you would like to host student-athletes on an official visit, you need to contact the Compliance office before the meal and fill out this form and return it to the Compliance office.
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